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  • 16 Digital inputs on Modbus RTU DAT10148 DAT10188.

    • CE.
    • Modbus RTU Slave.
    • 16 Digital inputs.
    • RS485 Communication.
    • Isolation.

16 Digital inputs on Modbus RTU DAT10148

General Description

The Modbus RTU DAT10148 is a 16 Digital input Modbus RTU device. The 16 digital inputs are on state between 10 and 30 V and off set below 3 V. The sample time is 5 ms. 3 way Isolation is provided between the input outputs and power supply.

Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII.
16 Digital inputs.
Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII
Power Supply Voltage 10-30Vdc
Reverse polarity protection 60Vdc
Between 30 and 110 mA
PC Programmable.
DIP Switch
Between Input/Comms/Power Supply 2000Vac.
For Industrial environments
Immunity EN 61000-6-2
Emission EN 6100-6-4
Material self-extinguishing
Dimensions W x H x T
4.1/4" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/4"
106 x 112x x 57 mm
Weight 7 oz 200 g
Operating Temperature 14°F +140°F -10°C +60°C
Storage Temperature -40°F +185°F-40°C +85°C
Humidity (non condensing) 0-90%



Digital 8 Channels 0-3 V Off 10-30 V on
RS485: Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII.
Power Supply: 10 - 30 Vdc. Reverse polarity protection 60 Vdc.
Current Consumption: 30 mA to 45 mA.
Temperature rating: Operative Temperature 14°F +140°F, - 10°C +60°C Storage Temperature - 40°F +185°F, - 40°C +85°C.
Humidity: (not condensing) 0-90%.
Housing: Material self-extinguishing.
Dimensions: W x L x H 4 1/4X 4 1/2 X 2 1/4 inch, 106 x 112 x 57mm.
Weight: 7 oz 200 g.
EMC. For industrial environments.
Immunity: EN 61000-6-2.
Emission: EN 61000-6-4.
Isolation: Between Modbus Master, Input, Power supply 1500Vac, 50Hz, 1 Minute.
Configuration: PC Configurable, DIP Switch.


Digital Input 0 Commom COM0 Input D0
Digital Input 1 Commom COM0 Input D1
Digital Input 2 Commom COM0 Input D2
Digital Input 3 Commom COM0 Input D3
Digital Input 4 Commom COM1 Input D4
Digital Input 5 Commom COM1 Input D5
Digital Input 6 Commom COM1 Input D6
Digital Input 7 Commom COM1 Input D7
Digital Input 8 Commom COM1 Input D8
Digital Input 9 Commom COM1 Input D9
Digital Input 10 Commom COM2 Input D10
Digital Input 11 Commom COM2 Input D11
Digital Input 12 Commom COM2 Input D12
Digital Input 13 Commom COM2 Input D13
Digital Input 14 Commom COM2 Input D14
Digital Input 15 Commom COM2 Input D15
Power Supply (18-30Vdc). Positive J Negative I.
RS 485 Slave Positive (D+)B Negative (D-) A GND C
Init Pin D Init Gnd C

16 Digital inputs on Modbus RTU DAT10148.

16 Digital inputs on Modbus RTU DAT10148.


  • Digital input to Modbus RTU.
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