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  • Isolated Ethernet Gateway.

    • CE.
    • Ethernet 10/100Base-T Modbus TCP.
    • Baud rate up to 115.2 Kbps
    • Isolation.
    • RJ45 connection.

Isolated Ethernet Gateway

General Description

The Isolated Ethernet Gateway DAT3580GW connects Modbus RTU RS485 serial devices to Modbus TCP Ethernet protocol.
The DAT3580GW Isolated Ethernet Gateway has a built in web server which makes it possible to set up the Modbus TCP IP Address, Subnet mask, and parameters of the Modbus RTU device.
Using the DAT3580GW with a control system enables up to 8 clients to be connected at the same time. Sending a command to the DAT3580GW over the Ethernet is processed and re-transmitted to the Modbus RTU devices which respond and return the information to the client which sent the request. It is possible to configure the Modbus RTU device with the integrated web server on the DAT3850GW.

Ethernet RJ45.
DC Power Supply 18-30Vdc
Reverse polarity protection 60Vdc
AC Power Supply 12-30VAC
55 mA
Web Server.
Between Ethernet / RS485 1500 Vac.
Between Power Supply / RS485 1500Vac.
For Industrial environments
Immunity EN 61000-6-2
Emission EN 6100-6-4
Material self-extinguishing
Dimensions W x H x T
4 1/3" x 2 1/3 " x 1 1/2"
111 x 58x x 36 mm
Weight 3 oz 90 g
Operating Temperature -4°F +140°F -20°C +60°C
Storage Temperature -40°F +185°F-40°C +85°C
Humidity (non condensing) 0-90%



Network interface Ethernet 10/100Base-T
Protocol Modbus TCP
Connection RJ-45
38400bps 1,2 Km
19200bps 2 Km
9600bps 3 Km
4800bps 4 Km
2400bps 5 Km
1200bps 7 Km
Number of Modules Up to 32
Switching time 150us
DC Power Supply 18 to 30Vdc
AC Power Supply 12 to 30VAc
Isolation 1500 Vac Power Supply / Ethernet
  1500 Vac Power Supply / RS485-422
  1500 Vac Ethernet / RS485-422
Temperature rating: Operative- 4°F +145°F - 20°C +60°C
  Temperature Storage Temperature - 40°F +170°F - 40°C +85°C.
Humidity: (non condensing) 0-90%.
Housing: Material Self-extinguishing.
Dimensions: W 4 1/3 L 1 1/2 H 2 1/3" 111 mm X 58 mm x 36mm
Weight: 7 oz 160 g.
EMC. For industrial environments.
  Immunity: EN 61000-6-2.
  Emission: EN 61000-6-4.


Power Supply  
DC Power Positive 1 Negative 2
AC Power 1 and 2
Point to Point Shield to Shield
Positive to D (+)
Negative to D (-)
Multi Point Shield to Shield
Positive to D (+)
Negative to D (-)

Isolated Ethernet gateway wiring Diagram.


  • Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP.
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