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Panel Meters and Modbus Display.

Range of Loop Powered Panel Meters

Datexel manufactures both LCD and LED loop powered indicators and loop powered displays which are powered from a 4-20mA loop. Datexel was one of the first companies to design and manufacture a loop powered LED panel display, the DAT8050.
The DAT8050 is a fully 4 digit loop powered digital indicator and accepts an input and a power supply from a 4-20 mA current loop signal. The LED digital display can display from -1999 to 9999 digits and the display height is just over 1/2 inch. The front keys allow the user to set up the parameters such as the zero span and the decimal point position.
The DATEXEL DAT733 is an LCD loop powered indicator that has a 3.5 digit LCD digital display with high accuracy and reliability. The power supply is obtained from the current loop and only uses 2.5V drop. It can display from -1999 up to 1999 and the span and zero can be adjusted on the back of the DAT733. The set up for the range and decimal points are on DIP switches, also located on the back of the LCD display meter.