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  • Modbus display.
  • Modbus display with readout.
  • Modbus display reading temperature.
  • Modbus display reading current.
  • Modbus display reading flow.
  • Modbus display reading pressure.

    • Modbus Display.
    • RS485 Communication.
    • Graphical Display.
    • 132 x 32 pixels.
    • Modbus Master.
    • Modbus Slave.
    • Galvanically Isolated.

Modbus Display STR571 with OLED

General Description

The Modbus Display STR571 is an OLED panel mount Modbus RTU Master that can display registers and inputs from Senors on the Modbus RTU network. The Modbus Display also has digital inputs and relay outputs providing alarms for the process variables. The display can show one process variable or up to 8 process variables. Combining the one process variable choice with the OLED display makes it a great choice for long distance visualization whilst still only taking up a 1/8 DIN space. Up to four process variables can be shown per page and the texts associated with the parameter. The display can be toggled by either the front panel keyboard switches, a timer or the digital inputs.

Modbus Protocol.
3 PNP/NPN Digital Inputs.
1 K Ohm Potentiometer.
2 x 2 A Relays.
24 V 30mA auxiliary power supply.
Power Supply Voltage 24-230 V AC/DC.

6 VA.
PC Configurable and Front panel.
Between Input/Output/Power Supply 1500Vac.
For Industrial environments
Immunity EN 61000-6-2
Emission EN 6100-6-4
Material self-extinguishing
Dimensions W x H x T
3 3/4" x 1 7/8" x 2 1/2"
96 x 48 x 64 mm
Weight 3 oz 90 g
Operating Temperature 32°F +113°F 0°C +45°C
Humidity (non condensing) 35 to 95%



Digital Display 132 X 32 Pixels.
RS485: Port 1 Modbus RTU Master, Port 0 Modbus RTU Slave.
Power Supply: Voltage 24 - 230 V AC/DC.
Power Consumption: 6 VA.
Temperature rating: Operative Temperature 32°F +114°F 0°C +45°C
Humidity: (none condensing) 35-95%.
Housing: Polycarbonate V).
Dimensions: W x L x H 4 x 4 3/4 x 1inch, 100 x 120 x 22.5mm.
Weight: 7 oz 200 g.
EMC. For industrial environments.
Immunity: EN 61000-6-2.
Emission: EN 61000-6-4.
Isolation: 1500Vac, 50Hz, 1 Minute.
Configuration: PC Configurable, Front Panel Switches.


Power Supply (24 -230V AC DC). Positive 5 Negative 6 
RS 485 Master Positive (D+)9 Negative (D-) 15 GND 16 
RS 485 Slave Positive (D+)8 Negative (D-) 14 GND 6 
Relay 1 Pin 3 Pin 4
Relay 2 Pin 1 Pin 2
Digital input 1 Pin 18
Digital input 2 Pin 12
Digital input 3 Pin 7
Aux Power Supply Pin 11


  • Display of parameters on Modbus RTU network.
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