From the January 1, 2014 this unit has been replaced by the DAT1015.


N Type Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter DAT1112-4.

Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter DAT1112-4

K-Type Thermocouple-Transmitter


The economical DAT1112-4 Hockey Puck Temperature Transmitter is a K Type Thermocouple and a J Type Thermocouple Head Mount Temperature Transmitter.

The DAT1112-1 "in head Mount Temperature Transmitter" is DIP Switch Selectable which allows the user to select the Thermocouple Type and the zero and range. The in head Temperature Transmitter is low profile. The DAT1112-4 will read the mV signal from the Thermocouple and convert it to the Industrial standard of 4-20mA signal. The DAT1112-4 is voltage linear not temperature linear.

Other units available in the DAT1112 family are as follows.

The DAT1112 is programmable by Dip Switches which are located under a plastic cap on top of the thermocouple temperature transmitter. Zero and Span Potentiometers are provide on top of the Temperature Transmitter for ease of calibration.

The DAT1112 is accurate to 0.1% full scale mV Linear and has less than 0.02%/°f thermal drift.

The DAT1112 is in compliance with the standard 89/336/CEE on the Electromagnetic Compatibility.

The DAT1112 is housed in a self-extinguish plastic enclosure suitable for DIN B in-head mounting.

There is a mounting kit available to mount the DAT1112 on DIN rail.


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