Signal Conditioners.


Datexel has a large range of Signal Conditioners. They manufacture Thermocouple Transmitters, Temperature Converters, Signal Splitters, AC and DC Current Converters, AC and DC Voltage Converters, Frequency to Current Converters and Strain Gauge Converters.

Datexel has head mounted Transmitters and Din Rail mounted devices. Options include Isolated, Non Isolated, DIP Switch Programmable, PC Programmable.

PC Programmable Transmitter

Loop Powered Isolated Transmitter

Input T/C'S, RTD, Pot, mA Res, mV.

Output 4-20mA

PC Programmable 4 wire Converter

Isolated Signal Converter DAT4135

Input T/C'S, RTD, Pot, mA Res, mV.

Output Current & Volts

DIN Rail Signal and Temperature Converter

DIN Rail Signal Conditioner

Input T/C's, RTD, Pot, Resistance, mV.

Output Current and & Volts

Frequency Converter & Relay output

Frequency to Current Converter

In Namur, TTL, NPN, PNP, Tacho, Volts.

Output Current & Volts, Transistor.

Dual signal Mathematical Converter

Mathematical Signal Conditioner

Input 2 X T/C's, mV.

2 X Output Current & Volts

Galvanic Isolated Strain Gauge Converter.

Strain Gauge Converter

Input Strain Gauge

Output Voltage and Current.