Datexel manufactures a large range of Temperature Transmitters for every application. There are both Head Mount Temperature Transmitters (Hockey Puck Temperature Transmitters) and Din Rail Mount Temperature Transmitters. These devices are full of options such as PC Programmable or DIP Switch Programmable, ATEX Intrinsically certified, Isolated and linearized.

The range of Datexel Temperature transmitters includes features like direct and inverse outputs, High and Low sensor burn out, High speed response output and with the programming software you are able to run in measure mode and observe the input and output at the same time.

There is a large selection of inputs and outputs.

Datexel's Temperature Transmitters work with a large range of Temperature Sensors.

Thermocouples J Type Thermocouples
  K Type Thermocouples
  S Type Thermocouples
  R Type Thermocouples
  B Type Thermocouples
  E Type Thermocouples
  T Type Thermocouples
  N Type Thermocouples
Thermistors PTC
RTD 2,3,4 Wire Pt 100
  Ni 100
  Ni 1000
Voltage mV
Potentiometer Ohms
Resistance Ohms


Standard 4-20mA
Direct 0-20mA Minimum span 4mA
Inverse 20-0 mA Minimum span 4 mA
Standard 0-10V, 1-5V
Direct 0-10V Min span 1V
Inverse 10-0V Min span 1 V